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In recent months we ave been recording lots of our game play to share with you, whether on Steam, Xbox One or other platforms. When it comes to recording game play on Steam or PC, we found that many screen capture recording programs were overly complicated and left us scratching our heads. Enter PlayClaw 5.

PlayClaw 5 is a very adept program that captures whatever comes across your screen, along with sound. We think it is a unique program though as it is so simple to use, without losing any of the technical options to customize your recording experience.

The high performance from the software allows for the frame rate to be captured at any value, without losing quality in your finished video.  It wont clog up your hard drive either with big nasty files, it can record in MP4 format using H.264/AVC codec, even with multiple audio streams coming from the ability to connect a number of microphones.  There are plenty of overlays as well to enhance your finished product – Webcam, timers and many more.   Another bonus is Streaming ability, PlayClaw 5 supports Twitch and many more Streaming services, meaning you can share your gaming with the world.

Here is a quick video to give you an over view of PlayClaw 5.

To find out more about this fabulous piece of kit, that any gamer who streams/captures game play should have, pop along to PlayClaw. To see just how great videos look once they are finished, why not have a look at a few of our YouTube videos!

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