Polybridge – Steam Early Access


A bridge building game that can be rather addictive…. Interested Read on…


Polybridge is a bridge building game just entering Early Access on Steam.  Its concept is simple but its gameplay can be pure joy.



Addictive and Simple.


Click and position the materials via a grid system.  The levels are open to interpretation to the user and scenarios can be navigated in your own way.

Level asks for a drawbridge – But you decide to build a bridge taller than the boat passing through – you can do it.



Failure is fun to see though.  Failing at a level, you can imagine the cars falling to death.

Level design, we played 9 hours and got through 2 worlds full of levels. They have plenty to go through with the user content creator able to make more content for them.



Complexity is hard but it pays off.




Worth the pickup if puzzlers are your thing. It builds on a basic concept and has got lots of potential to develop further.


We will aim to follow this game when it hits full access. Currently in Early Access – the game costs £8.99 (at the time of writing).  Lots of complex bridges are already been built and we love to see the creativity that a community can develop. 

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