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When it comes to cutesy home decor, bunting has definitely been the “in thing” over the last year or two. It’s delightfully British, perfectly twee and just that little bit quirky – but now we’re seeing it just about everywhere and it’s losing its charm. It’s about time there was a new wall decoration kid on the block. Here at Erisea we have just the thing! Well, all that can be said here is move over bunting because Pom Pom Garlands are shuffling in to take your place.

PomPom Galore are the magicians behind this adorable new decor trend, stocking a huge range of hand made wool pompom garlands, which will look perfect hanging in your home! You can have single coloured strings or multicoloured strings and why not pair them up together so they perfectly match the theme of your decor? These lovely, quirky little decorations will be sure to add the perfect finishing touch to any bare wall.

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And what about parties? Ever been throwing a themed party (or non-themed for that matter) and just wished there was the perfect decorations to match? Planning a wedding and want something unique? Well, look no further because PomPom Galore has it all!


If you adore the PomPoms but don’t have room on your walls, never fear! PomPom Galore also stocks a range of adorable PomPom accessories including bookmarks, hair ties and key rings – which would all make perfect gifts, even if they’re for yourself!

You can find out more, and visit the PomPom Shop at PomPomGalore

(Image Credit: Pompomgalore.co.uk)

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