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Many times the show been ported to video games over the years and now has come the time for the 3DS.

The plot-
Following on from defeating the Warstar aliens, the Power rangers super mega force are rocked by the arrival Prince Vekar, who has brought with him his own fleet of alien forces to oppose the rangers.
With the use of their legendary powers, the rangers take the Armada head on in the hope that this will be the end of the aliens presence and their threat to humanity.

In the game, you follow the story mode and play through the many stages it has to offer.
At the level selection, tapping left and right on the D-pad will change the difficulty of the level.
You get to choose from 2 different characters from a range of 6 initially. It also has an enormous 24 unlockable character roster, a feature usually only seen on the likes of beat ’em up games since the 64 bit era.
Each of the rangers has their own stats to suit your preferred style of combat.


From first impressions, as a game that is intended to be used for a high-quality handheld, it looks somewhat dated going back to the era of the great Gameboy Advance games. It certainly wouldn’t look out of place in that era, but of course, looks are not everything, how does it play.

It plays as a side-scrolling brawler where your chosen characters have free roam of the main area.
As you progress through the streets you will occasionally see things such as passing cars on the bottom of the upper screen.


You will encounter obstacles blocking your path such as yellow school buses. Using other means such as cars to get to higher ground and get over the obstacle, using B to jump and pressing it again will double jump.
Along your way you will also be aiming to get up to flat roofs at points, often you will see another near and should be able to make the jump. Sometimes venturing across these rooftops will often reward you with a coin which are the level collectibles. They are scattered everywhere, so you will need to keep an eye out for them. Your collected currency can be used at a shop at the main menu which can be exchanged for things such as increased HP.
On the levels, you will also encounter aliens to battle. Your chosen ranger companion is an AI controlled will automatically start combat and will follow your direction.

When you engage in combat your assigned attack buttons are as follows:

‘A’ will swing the rangers main weapon dealing so much hit points per time.

‘X’ will let the ranger shoot shots in left or right depending on the way you are facing.

Pressing and holding ‘Y’ will summon a power vortex around your character, when you let go it will unleash a concentrated blow from your main weapon that can hit other near-by enemies. The amount of hit points dealt each time does vary though.

The ‘left’ shoulder button provides you with blocks for incoming attacks, while the ‘right’ shoulder button at least at this point, appears unassigned.

At the top of the screen, you can cycle through your companions strategy for combat.

There are also two Powerball icons on the touch screen. These are your health icons and you and your companion are allocated two lots each. They are activated by pressing left and right on the D-pad.

The game plays in a similar style to games such as Streets of rage but with less enemies.

When you reach the 5th level of each of the stages you will be thrown into a boss battle.

PRSMF_screenshot_10_1404137049 Once beaten and when level 6 is unlocked, you get to choose between two Megazords to battle your foe’s evolve. The perspective of the level in the Megazord battle changes to a giant 2D mech fight. This is a lovely reminiscent of games such as King of the monsters, but with the awesome Megazords to use.BNGA_PRSMF_LAUNCH_screenshot01_1414053691 It’s combat is similar to the rangers, you can also you the touch screen icons. Pressing up and down on the D-pad will also make your Megazord jump back and forth which can also be used to dodge incoming attacks. When your opponents life meter is depleted you can then use a special attack.

Overall it is a very solid fun game with fantastic features. It will get plenty of play and enjoyment.

Power Rangers Megaforce is already released. Make sure you get your copy at it’s fantastic RRP: £15.99

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