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Before Batman, there was Gotham. This debut series covers the story behind how Gotham developed before the Batman began. Before the dark knight defended the city, most cops were on the take, most streets were packed with crime and then came along a rookie detective named James Gordon.

The show focuses on the lead character James Gordon(Ben McKenzie) and his progression from rookie cop to Commissioner. Gordon being one of the only straight laced good guys in a city full of crime.

Detective Gordon questioning a Penguin

Detective Gordon questioning a Penguin

The main adversary is an original villain made specifically for the show in “Fish Mooney” played by a very evil looking Jada Pinkett-Smith. The short hair with dyed ends, to the long fingernails, as it says:

“All Hail – The Queen!”

The villains are all here from the iconic Catwoman to a Penguin under Fish’s thumb.  Story progression is going to be key but having multiple villain origins to tell leads to a longer pacing but this is not a superhero show, this is a cop show. One particular villain Poison Ivy is played by a younger person than kid Bruce Wayne, so the play on characters should be different.


Gotham is coming to Channel 5 in September in the UK, it will also be available on Demand 5.

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