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With the advent of management games for most sports – how about E-Sports?  We get a chance to play the up and coming title Pro Gaming Manager.



“Work your way up as a gamer, choose your role and position. Build your own pro-gaming organisation”.

The game tackles two main areas, leading an organisation as a manager and trying it out as a e-sport gamer.  Manage your own team or be a part of one – the choice is yours….


As with most games it depends how far you want to go into it. We played it for 6 hours (At time of writing), and we enjoyed our experience of the title. We will break the gameplay into the two modes:


Basics –

Manager means picking your own team, we started with up and coming talents rather than pros to begin with.  Oh how we were wrong, the game balances matches by how many stars the players on your team have and their stats. First few rounds in the daily versus matches showed where we went wrong and we addressed it.

Later on tackling bigger and better teams – the games limitations began to appear.  A few hours in, we had built a good team and upgraded everything – still was losing.

Features –

Team Management – Basic teams with some range of skill development or poaching of free agents.

Organisation Management – Spend money and accrue better abilities to create money and get more fans.

Phone – Basic feature to use your EP to talk to team.




Be the best by creating a player and skilling them up to max level. Sound easy? It’s not.

We focused on building a FPS Rifler and found character progression a chore. It’s main gameplay is a basic database screen and that did not work for us.

Features –

Skill Progress – to upgrade your skills take on ranked games, watch pro streams or research strats. (Similar to how you create games on Games Tycoon).

Upgrade – Further down the line you go, better tech and house you can get. After a few hours, we hit the game’s wall and progress was down to a grind.



Having played lots of bigger management games, we saw the flaws all too easily. It is an improvement from what we previously saw from the title but some of the basics are not up to scratch.

From the management side especially – basic finance structure was bad, it took too long to figure out how much we could spend on team. Also later on, the A.I. Teams could poach players but player team cannot and once your player hits 99 overall – he still accrues stars but cant use them.

At its current price point of £9.99 is it worth the buy?

Yes, despite the negative comments – it does produce hours of enjoyment until the grinding bits towards the higher bits in the game. If you know more about FPS E-Sports and MOBA E-Sports, you will get more from this game than we did.

Positive experience but with lacking the basics of most management titles – 2/5

2 out of 5

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