Profile 66 Valrhona chocolate at the Cafe Royal


IMG_9201French chocolatier Valrhona has developed and co-branded an exclusive chocolate for London’s Hotel Café Royal following exhaustive tastings.

Profile 66 will now be used in all chocolate patisseries, petits fours and drinks throughout the hotel’s food and beverage outlets including The Ten Room restaurant and Green Bar. This will be supplemented with a chocolate bar that will be available to buy, launching in Easter 2015.

IMG_9212Since 1922, French chocolate-maker Valrhona has been creating exceptional chocolate, whose flavours are totally unique and consistently recognisable.

A floral attack followed by nuttiness and spicy notes with a roasted cocoa finish, Profile 66 complexity showcase the conjoint work of Valrhona’s expertises and Café Royal’s exclusive signature.

At the launch of Profile 66 at the Cafe Royal, samples of the delicious chocolate was available in the form of edible and drinkable delicacies. The chocolate was dark but still had the creaminess you might normally associate with milk chocolate. Not too sweet or bitter, it has a lovely balance of flavours that will melt in your mouth.

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