Put Your Cat in the White House? – Interesting Product


Want to put your cat in the Whitehouse? – UK Retailer The Fowndry Seems to come up with an interesting answer.

Cats always need a little hidey hole to rest up and why not make your cat feel proud and glorious.  Proud to be living in the White House. 





UK online Retailer The Fowndry have launched this ultimate novelty pet home den to CATiplise on the inauguration. It acts as a great addition to your home, with it acting as a good plaything for your top cats. 

“Stop the cat fighting by giving it what is always wanted. More Power. Scary.”

Send your cat on the holiday of lifetime with “White House Landmark Pet House”.

Made with –  recycled, double-walled cardboard.

Hidden Surprise – single treat dispenser in the springy flag on the White House.


For More Info –

The White House Landmark Pet House is available from The Fowndry for just £34.99

Picture provided by The Fowndry.

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