A Q&A With Great British Bake Off Winner Frances Quinn

The next series of The Great British Bake Off is due to be aired at the end of the summer. We have a great Q&A with last year’s winner, Frances Quinn, revealing how she got through last year’s show, how her life has changed since winning and what she can’t live without, one of which being RESCUE Remedy!


1. How has your life changed since winning Great British Bake Off? I’ve always been described as a bit of a Duracell bunny but am now like one in headlights with a constant supply of rechargeable batteries required! I’m just loving being able to do put all my ideas into practice and bake up my designs as a job rather than passionate past time. Collaborating and baking for people I’ve always admired and inspired is also really exciting.
2. How have you adjusted to being in the limelight? To be honest I’ve been so busy I’ve not really had a minute to think about it. I still feel like me but can no longer linger long around the biscuit aisle at the supermarket, without getting recognised and my height gets commented on a lot! “You’re so much taller in real life”
3. Is it true that baking is the way to a man’s heart? I’d like to think it can help?!
4. What advice would you give to this year’s contestants? To try and enjoy the whole experience despite the inevitable stress of it all. Enjoy the moment of being in that tent and the opportunity to eat so many baked goods and take a bottle of RESCUE Remedy with you to keep you cool, calm and collected no matter what happens to your bakes.
5. When are you your happiest? Surrounded by good food and friends and running to my latest favourite track. Music can really improve my mood and bakes.
6. What have you got coming up over the next 6 months? Working on my first book, baking at both food and music festivals in and around the country and continuing to collaborate on exciting projects both in and out of the kitchen.
7. What was your most nerve racking time on Great British Bake Off? A certain biscuit tower collapsing didn’t help with my stress levels, although when it actually fell I experienced more of an out of body experience in that tent! I tried to focus and approach each bake with a sportsman frame of mine. It wasn’t over till it was over and even if you’d done badly in the signature and technical you still had the showstopper to pull it back.
8. What are your quick cheats to get a really stylish bake? Less can sometimes be more. A simple cake can be elevated from ordinary to extraordinary with a swirl of ganache and a sprinkling of chopped and whole nuts. Equally the way you present your bakes can elevate them from ordinary to extraordinary-think shortbread Jenga!
9. What is your secret ingredient when baking? Rescue Remedy and ideas! It was my experience on and winning the Great British Bake Off where it really came into fruition.  Even before I entered the tent it was as vital an ingredient as the ones going into my bakes. I even introduced it to my fellow bakers and at times contemplated creating a Rescue Remedy drizzle cake with it! From my handbag to kitchen cabinet it’s no surprise that nestled amongst my jars of spices a bottle of Rescue Remedy can be found. Like with the variety of flavours found within bakes and cakes, it is the blend of different Bach flower remedies that make Rescue Remedy such a winning formula.”
10. How do you always come up with imaginative creations? Does it take lots of planning? My ideas can come into my head either in a constant flow or at random times throughout the day and night. I find starting with a theme, key ingredient or word helps trigger an initial idea. I always try and keep a sketchbook handy to jot and scribble down my sketches and ideas to then refer and bake from.
11. How do you relax? I’m a keen runner and swimmer, it not only helps clear my head but also fills it with new baking ideas.
12. What would be your food heaven and food hell? Cinnamon buns and Oysters!
13. What is your wardrobe staple and why? Great fitting jeans. Can be dressed up and down and don’t need ironing!

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