QDOS Q-bopz Bluetooth speaker


The QDOS Q-bopz Bluetooth speaker is a straight out of the box speaker you will not need anything extra as everything is supplied, with an inbuilt rechargeable polymer li-ion battery we found that it lasted on a 1 1/2 hour change for about 5 hours,  It will let you know when the battery is charged and then it is connected via blue and red led lights

This is a very small speaker which is 3 watts RMS and it costs £30.00 comes in a range of colours

It is easy to sync via bluetooth to a phone or other devices. The sound quality is very good for such a small speaker, the volume is always very good too. If you are very serious about your music then this speaker lacks the little bit of extra punch that is needed in the base range

The really key bit, which we loved was the fact that we could use it as a hands-free Bluetooth device in a vehicle. It has plus and minus buttons on the speaker body itself and also an answer button for the handsfree part.

When you’re having a conversation we found the device to be very clear both ways, there were no issues with either of us hearing what each other were saying.

It has a waterproof casing and a suction cup that can be stuck to nearly any smooth surface. We stuck it to the window of a van and it didn’t come loose at all and it’s not the smoothest of rides!

The suction cup can be stuck to the back of your phone so that it doubles as a stand as well as a speaker, so you can watch videos without having to hold the device, this works with tablets too. It’s a very well-rounded bit of tech.

This product was very easy to use and would make a great gift for that hard to buy person who loves tech.


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