Quick Fix Hair Repair: How-To Rescue your Dirty Tresses


You know the drill, you’ve had a late night and the last thing you can be bothered to do is spend an hour on your hair washing routine. So you set your alarm early for the next morning with every intention to sort out your greasy locks, admittedly sleep gets the better of you!

If this sounds familiar, and you’re either going to work or you have to be up early for a social event and short for time, below I have provided my top five tips that will make your morning routine easier.

Ban the Brush:

As soon as you look in the mirror and your bed hair reflects back at you, the first thing you do is reach for your brush. This is a huge no no. Brushing distributes the oil encouraging your hair to go flat, clump together, and this results in an even further wet look. The best thing to do is run your hands through your hair to untangle the knots and tame any wild strands.

Avoid brushing until after you’ve applied your dry shampoo.

Dry Shampoo or Baby Powder:

Dry shampoo is the go to hair product that quite literally saves the day, if used properly! If you spray the dry shampoo too close to your hair it will only end up sticky, and not to mention the white powdery patches it leaves behind. Hold around 6 inches from your roots and spray evenly. Leave it to soak in for a few minutes, while you’re applying your make up, and then brush to style. Batiste dry shampoo is the most popular brand; however my product suggestion is Label.M, it works wonders on my hair, and it smells gorgeous!

Additionally, if you want to give your hair extra bounce and volume, spray in the dry shampoo before you go to sleep and put it up in a bun. Then you have the morning to style away.

Easy Styling:

Generally having dirty hair isn’t a pleasant or desirable look, but your natural grease, as unappealing as that sounds, can act as a great styling agent. Your hair tends to be a lot more manageable, so by choosing a quick braided hairstyle or sleeked back ponytail would be easy without battling with fluffy and frizzy strands, that freshly washed hair can cause.

Other styles that will save the day our messy beach looks, all you need to do is add a bit of salt spray and high buns also work well. Another favourite of mine is to switch your parting with a comb, this way your greasy roots are forced to detach themselves away from your scalp, adding volume.

Lastly if your curly do has gone from bounce to flat, instead of creating a whole new style, you can revamp it but trying out this product, it’s a personal favourite of mine!

Fringe Focus:

More often than not, the part of your hair that produces the most grease, like I previously mentioned, is the hair closest to your scalp and your fringe. If they are past the point of a super quick fix, the next best thing is to part wash. Section off the length of your hair with a bobby pin, do a quick scalp and fringe wash then finish off with a quick blow dry. This is the last resort, but you’ll be ready in no time, it’s worth it as there’s nothing worse than that greasy, floppy fringe feeling!

Accessorise to Distract:

When in doubt, create a distraction! Whether that’s a bold make-up statement, a cute hairband, in the summer months a summery head scarf or in the winter there’s nothing better than slapping on a cosy hat. Depending on the weather and what your plan is for the day, accessorise accordingly to send people’s eyes elsewhere.

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Clare Weyers is a hair and beauty specialist who runs Elite School of Beauty Therapy in Bishop’s Stortford. Elite offer a variety of professional beauty, hair and holistic therapy classes for all skill levels. You can also follow her by visiting her Facebook page.

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