Quick Review – Death Team – Messed Up


Latest Track by Death Team has been unveiled and it caught our attention.  Read on for our thoughts….



Death Team have unveiled the video for their highly acclaimed new single ‘Messed Up’, out now through Warner Music.

The video for it premiered with DIY – Follow the link to see it.

Death Team first rose to prominence with their 2015 debut which topped the charts in Sweden. More singles later they were hitting top 10s in the Global Spotify Viral Charts. 

“Their new single ‘Messed Up’ is a glorious anthem for the weekend, an infectious feel-good party mantra for hipsters and geeks in equal measure.”


Our Thoughts

Music wise, it hits high on the creativity wave lengths with hints of catchy tune and lyrics.   Electric beat with a good relaxed tone throughout the song. If this was a disco, this would be in between a dance track and a slow dance.

Video wise, WTF.  Lead singer and her partner in crime.   Looks like an over active girlfriend with her other half,  for half the video he is eating takeaway while she sings away.  Also random bike riding and blow-up boat and a skeleton costume.

With everything we have seen/heard, we love the video’s edge and it been attractive to it’s aim audience. Our eclectic ears like this music and its catchy nature.  One to listen out for if you like the dance/electronic  side of music.


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