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Raine & Bea: Raine & Bea lingerie using the finest silks and laces, corsetry and unique designs. Raine & Bea design lingerie looks fit for showgirls; this is the new brand from the creator of Cabaret. Couture hand sewn garments made in the UK. See website here: www.raineandbea.com

We caught up with the designer to find out more about Raine & Bea and their designs.



Why is it important to you that you source your materials in the UK?

It is very important to me when sourcing materials or looking for a manufacturing outlet to use companies based in the UK.

This goes back to the beginning of my career in the fashion and sewing industry when I was working in factories and mills around Manchester,which for centuries was at the heart of the British textile industry.

These companies have now closed and were already in decline during my time there, I realised that the knowledge the women passed on to me would suddenly stop.In the past I have taught fashion students and used my experiences in the factories to help continue the passion I felt when I was starting out. 

What makes your company different from other lingerie companies?

My designs aren’t just a collection of everyday underwear that hides amongst the lingerie in a drawer. I began designing for Raine & Bea whilst working on costumes for the West End musical ‘Cabaret’ and it was these theatrical styles that blended well with my own ideas from other collections and really inspired me to create something different.It’s underwear to be shown off and can be worn inside or outside the bedroom.At no point has Raine & Bea followed trends or looked at other lingerie brands for inspiration and this has been commented on in the press.

How do you come up with your designs?

Most of my ideas seem to come in dreams or at completely random moments,I’m always ready to quickly sketch ideas down and then work them into shape in my design room.Most of the time I work from sketches but once I begin to piece the design together on the mannequin I could easily change it into something totally different. All Raine & Bea’s collections have a theme, creating a back story that links in with the photo shoots,press releases and the actual styles and naming of the pieces.

Why is lingerie so important to the modern woman?

Modern woman seem to put as much thought into their lingerie purchases as they do with outwear,with various ranges bought for special occasions or a special someone.Having these choices available gives us confidence in the way we look and helps women feel empowered.

What advice would you give our readers about choosing the right lingerie?

Lingerie is really the base of your clothing choices each day and picking out the wrong style of underwear can ruin a perfectly good outfit.Foundation wear is a crucial part of any woman’s wardrobe.


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