Lots of people now have a very eco concious approach to many aspects of their lifestyle and when thinking about fashion it is no different. Ranapnui was founded by Mart and Rob Drake-Knight on the Isle of Wight.  They started selling t-shirts in their parents shed and now are a nationwide business.

They are particularly eco conscious, the Ranapui factory was one a derelict shipyard and was originally scheduled to be demolished. Now the factory is the home of the fashion label and is powered by a combination of methods, wind, solar and hydroelectric power.  Designs are printed at the factory onto eco-fabrics using water based inks, they even use the heat generated by the print dryer to heat the factory!

With half of their workforce being young apprentices, the company are about sustainability and being eco-friendly.  Mart Drake-Knight said,

The new factory pushes the limits of what efficient and
environmental t-shirt manufacturing can be, breathing new
life and creative jobs into a building people said was broken
and we hope the collection inspires people to
think about sustainability.”

536a311a643f82.83311582Speaking of the collections, Rapanui have teamed up with WWF-UK to create an exclusive range which aims to raise awareness about the environment and it’s impact on animals, whilst raising money that will help conservation work continue.  Head of licencing at WWF-UK, Howard Wright said,

This range of clothing highlights WWF’s goals of a
people living in harmony with nature. We’re delighted
be working with our friends at Rapanui on this range of clothing,
it will help to raise awareness as well as funds to support
our valuable work- and keep us looking good while we do it!”

The unique collection features silhouette designs of the ‘vanishing species’, those that are close to extinction.  One of the 100% organic cotton vests, depicts the graceful and beautiful giant panda.  The Panda’s numbers in the wild and captivity are shocking due to their continued loss of habitat and the rate at which they produce.  Now you are able to look fabulously stylish whilst protecting your environment and helping the conservations of these majestic and terribly endangered creatures.

 It is not just the WWF that the guys at Rapanui are working with, they have also collaborated and joined forces with the Marine Conservation Society in an attempt to Save Our Seas.  Being from the Isle of Wight, an island, marine conservation is close to the hearts of the Drake-Knight brothers and a concern they have made sure to address with their clothing label.

5385de469a71e2.25687696A spokesperson from the Marine Conservation Society said,

 “The UK Marine Environment is under threat; levels of beach litter
have doubled over the last decade. The MCS works to clear our seas
of the rising tide of rubbish that is so dangerous to sea life, including seabirds,
whales and dolphins. MCS works to reduce the overfishing which is
devastating the life in our seas, and promotes sustainable seafood
alternatives. We’re delighted be working with our friends at Rapanui on this
range of clothing, it will help to raise funds to support our valuable work.”

The collection is bold, bright and of course eco-friendly.  Including t-shirts, sweats and hoodies, the materials are all organic and use the same method of printing as outlined above.  The designs feature the wonder of the sea.  At first this fabulous blue t-shirt appears to depict a shiver of sharks and at first glance you would be right.  Closer inspection reveals the sharks are made up of little sea creatures, seaweed and much more.


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