Finding top quality but affordable finishing touches for your home can sometimes be a difficult task, so when you come across a company that offers both, it’s definitely worth shouting about.

LeafMirrorBagLifestyle With designs inspired by scenery and wildlife, Raw Xclusive is a hidden gem which sells a range of striking lifestyle products. These include ranges such as fine bone china ceramics to printed bags and purses, as well as hand signed prints.

Part of their range also includes quirky table settings like their monogrammed coasters and place mats. (http://rawxclusive.co.uk/collections/coasters-placemats) Perfect for animal lovers, they include bold prints ranging from wild foxes to a sausage dog or teal cat print. They come with the option for a repeat of the bold pattern or a single image with a matching piece of text.

Our top picks are the Pug of War coaster design (http://rawxclusive.co.uk/products/coaster-placemat-pug) and the Ok Deer, Yes Deer stag (http://rawxclusive.co.uk/products/coaster-placemat-stag) which add a comedic element to the classic wildlife design.

MixCosmeticBagsLifestyleAnother favourite of ours are the range of cosmetic and box bags which are printed in a vintage yet characteristic fashion, and are made from Hessian style English linen.

All of the products are designed, printed and manufactured in the UK, which adds a personal element as you know exactly where the product has come from. Prices range from around £3.50 for pieces like the coasters, to around £20 for collection pieces like cosmetic bags and oven gloves. With this in mind, the products from Raw Xclusive would be perfect presents for a friend or family member, or even to add a little flourish to your own home.

Raw Xclusive are an up and coming brand to watch with their distinctive style and affordable products. To check out their whole range of products you can visit http://rawxclusive.co.uk



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