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Halloween Playlist

There are so many songs that could be added to our Halloween playlist and we had fun compiling just a few of them to share with you.  We found everything from The Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett, to Zombie by The Cranberries on Rdio this month and much more besides.

It is the perfect way to create a playlist for your Halloween party this year, without ever needing to change a CD!  The shuffle function is brilliant on Rdio as it means that even if you put a full album on your playlist, let’s say halfway down, it will allow you to play all of the tracks independently and out of order.  This means you can add hours of music, press play and not touch the Rdio again!


New Releases Section

One of the great sections on Rdio is the New Releases area.  Here you will find all of the latest singles and albums that have been released.  This week for example there are offerings from Jessy J, Gorgon City and even Hollyakes The Album!


The left hand sidebar is where the New Releases can be found.  Once in the section the latest songs are listed as thumbnails, regardless of whether a track or an album.  Underneath each image is the title, followed by the artist and then how many tracks.  A simple click and you’re off.


Hovering over the image you are given three options:

  • a heart,
  • the universal play button
  • and then three little dots.

The heart allows you to favourite the track or the item and the play button lets you get the music on.  Clicking on the three dots brings up more options such as play later, start station, download to mobile, share and add to playlist.

Next month we will be looking at the inevitable, Christmas songs!

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