Re-Animator & Basketcase Triology


As of today, courtesy of Second Sight two of the 1980s most incredible horrors are being re-released on Blu-Ray, Re-Animator and Basket Case The Trilogy.


6205 (1)A classic in the horror genre, Re-Animator is released in a two disc set that features two stunning versions of the film – the unrated version and integral (exclusive to Blu-Ray) version.  Herbert West is a slightly unhinged medical student who arrives at Miskatonic Medical School and quickly gains a reputation for being a know it all that is happy to put down those who are there to educate.  Herbert West thinks he has much more up to date and contemporary views on death, he has some extremely unusual theories and even claims to have created a serum that will reanimate the dead!  Dan Cain, a fellow student, is intrigued by West and ends up assisting in his wild and somewhat shocking experiments.

Dark horror that is filled with gruesome and messy effects, Re-Animator is a classic that is a perfect buy for any horror addicted film buff or fan of the 80s.  It comes with a series of special features across the two disc set to keep you occupied for hours, providing you aren’t hiding behind the couch of course.

Basket Case Trilogy

If you had a Blockbuster card in the 80s and was a fan of horror, you were certain to have rented Basket Case.  With a huge cult following, Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case and its horrendously gruesome sequels are being released in a three disc set that recaptures the warped, psychotic and twisted films ready to be watched today.

Checking into a dingy and rather sleazy place, Hotel Broslin, Duane Bradley finds his fellow guests prostitutes and degenerates.  As people notice him walking about with a basket, he routinely gets asked what is in the strange carrier for a man.  It isn’t long before those who wondered get an answer, the basket-dwelling murderous twin, Belial, was separated from his brother Duane at birth.  They had been Siamese twins and the doctor that performed the operation is now their target.

With two equally deranged sequels, The Basket Case Trilogy will have you cowering behind the pillows and questioning the contents of peoples luggage! 




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