Reality TV – Major Pro and Con of Talent Shows…


So, as you think about watching your Saturday night television, we want to talk about talent shows and how they work well for people and how they don’t for most.

We will be focusing on the public talent shows, and as always we will address this with a positive slant to just get you to think about the “public” stars you follow.

One Question – Who came 4th in X-Factor last year? or Who actually won it?


Recognising Talent. Shows like X Factor, American Idol and The Voice focus on the singing star that they can produce. Everyone (including us) would love  5 mins of fame, The Kardashians have it why should not us.

Talent shows will find people with talent and the shows they develop are great. Money made is good with the resulting tours (like X Factor) are money makers.

The model shows, the fashion design shows, even the big brother shows (talent stays in while bland characters leave), all have their querks and they work well – for those who like them.

However most disappear from public eye.


What happens to the talent after the show ends. The good talent have a chance to step through into a cloudy market full of competition.  The audience tends to have a short attention span – so if we dont see them, we forget about them.  We wish we could go to see the singing stars at their local shows but tend to cant go – Thus talent suffers, no people at shows, no money = back to reality.



So, consider this a warning to people who have talent. You got to get eyes or ears onto it after the TV Show ends to have a chance.  Shows that are competitions have limited success rates for musicians especially – However we don’t want to stop you from trying – if you make it big, like One Direction – well done to you.

Talent is one element to your success – use it wisely.


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