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There have been many games set in space that have come and gone, some are incredible and others are just not hitting the mark.  Rebel Galaxy is, we think, one that is here to stay and could possibly earn its own cult following.  Here’s why…

RG 9-15 002Rebel Galaxy comes from the beautiful gaming brains of Double Damage Games.  It is a thrilling action packed RPG set in space, you can upgrade your weapon and defenses or even opt for a new ship all together.  You will fight aliens, bandits, mercenaries and more as you travel through the universe completing your quests.  Rebel Galaxy will see you battling pirates, haggling with shop owners, discovering new places, travelling through nebulae, the universe is quite literally your oyster! 

RG 9-15 009The first thing we noticed was that once the game was installed and loaded, everything about the Rebel Galaxy made us immediately feel like we were in the Firefly universe.  Now, if you have never seen Firefly you should check it out – a western set in space, starring Nathan Fillion and created by Josh Whedon (Creator of Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D).  If you have watched Firefly you have a treat in store! 

The edge of everything is dangerous territory.
Are you a cunning pirate?
A cold-hearted mercenary?
A shrewd trader?
A scoundrel with a heart of gold?
Maybe all of the above?

One thing’s for damn sure. You’re going to find out.

                                                                                                        Rebel Galaxy

The music sets the atmosphere as you move through the expanse of the universe, stunning colours and distant galaxies are everywhere to be seen and no two star systems will be the same as the game randomly generates them.  You take command of your ship and begin a journey that will take you to the furthest corners of space.  You will need your wits about you as there are countless pirates just waiting behind asteroids and space debris to hijack your vessel and take you down as you search for discarded cargo that you can sell at a ripe price.  Rebel Galaxy was created for these  explosive battles and it is up to you to equip your ship with the necessary weaponry and defense systems to make it through the toughest of battles.  

RG 9-15 004There is plenty to occupy yourself with if bombarding enemies with missiles and other ammunition is not your main priority.  You can dock at various stations throughout the universe and hang out in the bar, pick up some tips of where distant cargo floats in the eternity of space, take on a job offered by one of the bar’s patrons or hear about a particular set of bandits that need dealing with.  The stations also provide you with a way to investigate ship upgrades and additional tech.

No matter how you want to play, Rebel Galaxy will have you blasting pirates and hitting warp speed to reach your objectives.  A fantastic RPG for fans of the genre and space! 

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