Red Carpet Beauty – Part One


In the society that we live in now days, there is a huge preoccupation with how you should look, especially with all of the beautiful Hollywood stars.  Obviously, we here at Erisea have a beauty section and we love to share our thoughts and finding with you all, but one thing we are adamant about is that you are who you are, we don’t think you should change unless you are unhappy with yourself.  There is beauty in everyone.  Of course we do think that a healthy lifestyle is important, eat right, move about when you can (not always an option for everyone) and so on, but just to make it clear that everything we share with you is just something we have come across and though it sounded exciting, refreshing, brilliant or we just fell in love with it. 

With the above in mind we do want to share a few things over the next couple of weeks with you that are quite exciting and if you ave been thinking about more drastic approaches to changing how you look and getting that Hollywood Glam Red Carpet look, such as cosmetic surgery, then there may be an alternative for you in Transformulas.

It is not everyone’s decision to go for plastic surgery, but for some they feel it is their only option, for whatever reasons.  Transformulas have created a range f products that give similar effects on the body, or the skin, but without the nasty scalpels and thousands of pounds! 


Today we are focussing on the arms, many of us feel like we have what people like to term as ‘Bingo Wings.’  That skin around the top of the arm that seems to be the first to sag and become a victim of gravity.  Generally the prescription for such a condition would be exercise to get those arms in shape,, but as we said earlier, this isn’t always an option for everyone, for example someone who is unwell/immobile.  

ArmLift is a revolutionary new cream from the wonderful guys at Transformulas that helps

‘Resist gravity and experience the results

you thought only hours at the gym could

ever deliver.’

ArmList sculpts the upper arm by lifting and firming the skin.  These key ingredients are important to the way it works:

  • Tyr-arg diseptide treats the sagging effect on the skin by stimulating the molecules in the skin.  It also helps to prevent further sagging! 
  • Glycofilm has antiageing benefits by shielding the skin from the harmful rays of UV and from the pollution in the air.
  • Wild Water Mint stimulates and refreshes the skin, making it feel lovely.

Inside the silvery tube is a mixture of amino acids which all work together to hydrate the skin and encourage the elastin already present to work harder for you, this will increase the firmness and in turn reduce sagging.  As if that wasn’t enough, the contents also even out the skin tone and attacks discolouration.  

ArmLift gives an instant beautiful sheen to the skin, leaving it looking radiant and reflecting the light to give an appearance of improved skin immediately.  The other benefits of using this cream can be seen in as little as a month!  In fac over 80% of testers reported an even, firmer, softer and more sculpted look within those first 30 days and 60% agreed their skin was firmer! 

You cn find out more about ArmLift and buy a tube here… a bottle! 

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