Red Carpet Beauty – Part Three


There are a million and one ways that you can make your eyes look illuminated, radiant and younger.  Today, as part of our Red Carpet Beauty series, (you can find Part One and Part Two here) we are looking at ways to help you get that glamorous Hollywood sparkle with younger looking eyes.

Eye – Lightening Serum

Transformulas nano-treatment for lightening and brightening the skin around the eyes is quite amazing.  Using Hyaluronan, which is a proven natural anti ageing ingredient, a nano technology is employed to provide a much more advanced way of looking after the skin, including de-ageing , improving skin tone and improving texture around the eyes.

Eye-Lightening Serum releases ingredients that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and get to work minimising the couperose (small dilated red blood vessels that become visible on the skin) and tear-sacks, as well as strengthening the fine capillaries that are found around the eye.  This in turn lightens the complexion around the eyes and helps to reduce the puffy dark circles we all dread.

Eye Radiance

Eye Radiance by Transformulas is a treatment that goes under the eyes, it then reflects light making the eye appear more radiant, as the name suggests.  It actually illuminates dull and lifeless complexions and even has longer term benefits with anti ageing and hydrating properties.

The formula using a concoction of peptides and plant-based extracts to fade the dark circles that appear below the eyes, whilst at the same time firming the skin and restoring the elasticity we may have lost.  This is clever as it means that the eyes are brighter and have a visibly reduced amount of fine lines and wrinkles.  Less puffiness under the eyes and those crow’s-feet are dramatically reduced too! 

It works in such a way that the light reflecting pigments found inside Eye Radiance, infuse and adhere to the skin under the eyes, then when the light hits those pigments, instead of it penetrating the skin it is reflected back out, a little like a mirror.  


You can find out more about Transformulas or pick up your own creams here – 

Next week is our final instalment in the Red Carpet Beauty series and we are looking at another Transformulas product that will get your skin looking like a million pounds…

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