Resurrection S01E02 Review


With a second person back what is next, twists and new mysteries arrive – here is the second episode review.

Jacob Dreams

Jacob is seen in a graveyard and sees Caleb. Whistling as before. Caleb disintegrates and Jacob begins to disintegrate as well. His mum wakes him up.

“Am I not dreaming any more?”

Jacob still looks to be adapting to living again. His head still looks like it cannot comprehend everything.

The Park


Jacob goes to the park with his mum, he goes to play with all the children. The parents of the children all say that they are going now. The parents don’t want their children around Jacob.

Caleb talks to Jacob telling him to lie about being resurrected and what is happening. Because everyone won’t believe, Bellamy sees this as he was there to visit Jacob.

Maggie Investigation

After the stories of the extra man at the river side. She has to find out the truth, she begins the process of finding the man at the river side. Her father does not believe in this path. Their relationship as Father and Daughter is struggling.

She manages to find the man of the affair, Sam. She asks him one question,

“Are you my father?” – “ No I am not”

He reveals to her, he stayed with her when he could not save her mum. After Maggie left happy with the news. Sam says on the phone, “we have been found”. Is he hiding a returned person? Is it Maggie’s Mum?

Caleb Story


Detective Bellamy comes to ask why he came to visit Jacob at the park. They begin discussing things and Caleb tells the story of what he remembers. The same as Jacob. His death and his rebirth. Instantaneous. Bellamy is suspicious of Caleb.

Elaine remembers putting a letter in his jacket pocket when he died, damming his attitude to them. Caleb’s attitude when he first comes back shows he as come back with a new mindset. He was a bad father before He is trying to be a good father now.

Ray begins to follow Caleb, He does not believe he is his dad. They have a confrontation when Ray goes into Caleb’s room, Caleb says I will stay out of your way if you stay out of mine.

Friends Reconnect

Tom goes to visit his friend Jacob. They go play on the Wii-U, both have fun with it and it is good for both of it.

Finale – Caleb Twists

Caleb visits a house, the person answering the door realizes his mistake straight away. Caleb kills him with a hammer at the end of the episode.


Caleb been back means not only good people are coming back.

Jacob still looks distant in the eyes.

Weirdly, the character’s belief is along gender lines. Fred does not believe while Maggie believes on the concept. Ray is honest with his opinions but he is not quite balanced though.

The ideas of who gets resurrected can be weird. Are they all connected to Barbara? – Is it just Arcadia? Its not Time based Jacob 32 years Caleb 13.

Lets see if next week – the questions get answered.

Next Week – The tomb opening.

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