Resurrection S01E03 Review – Two Rivers



In the last Episode, the tomb was about to be opened tonight it was….

The Tomb Opening

The body of Jacob is in the tomb. So this leads to the thoughts who is the other Jacob? – Later on, after the DNA Tests it is found to match the other Jacob. “Carbon Copy” is mentioned.

Henry’s struggle to accept that his son has returned

While Bellamy and Maggie search the river, Jacob and Henry have their own river story.  Henry and Lucille both have tackled the Jacob Death in different ways, they come to butt heads with how new Jacob has come into their home and developed different levels of bonds with each of them.

Lucille has accepted Jacob straight away, and the new Jacob is considered to her as the same as the dead Jacob.  While Henry, considers the Jacobs two different individuals and cant put new Jacob in the same place as his.

“Why does they have to be two?”

Later on, Jacob asked to build a boat and both Henry and Jacob enjoy it. Henry does struggle and has a psychosomatic tremor in his arm that makes him reluctant but by the end of the episode he takes Jacob to the river. Henry is getting there, but he still has the Jacobs in two different places.



Bellamy and Maggie’s Search of the River

They look over the site of the river, where Jacob fell in to Caleb’s shack. They look to the River and start developing theories. The  Two rivers that were over a Civil War battle that turned the water red.  All the connections from the river suggest that the river maybe the connection.

They find some weird stuff including multiple dug holes, What was Caleb after?

This explains why Caleb killed the bloke, he took the money not thinking Caleb will show up after dying.



They run into Ray who has been following him. Ray’s theories get discussed, they start to make sense but then he mentions Aliens. He does mention the bank robbery in the past, these to perk up Bellamy’s suspicions.

Tom and the New Paranoia

Tom faces resistance in the church about Jacob being there, and they hold a meeting without him. Jacob is banned from the church and it’s activities.

“You are assuming he came from God” – Helen a church member who disagrees with  Tom about Jacob.

They take a backward position by moving them away from them, but it can be held understandable. People are afraid of the unknown.



Rachel, a new returned. Turns up to the church since she saw Tom’s name on the church.  – Former Lover? Former family member?

Henry and Lucille working out the issue of Jacob is keeping the base. While the Bellamy angle and how he and Maggie look into things is interesting, but with the impending movements of Caleb will they fall out with Elaine and Ray.  Dam, Ray’s ideas are crazy but you never know.

The interesting scene has to go to Fred visiting a bar that Sam frequents, Fred rambles about how he now knows of his wife’s betrayal with Sam. Fred rambles to the crowd and leaves, maybe knowing Sam was in the crowd or not?

This was a great episode with the Rachel cliffhanger, that’s 3 cliffhangers down what will episode 4 bring. Will they catch Caleb? Who else will return?

With the site looking to constantly develop we are looking at where this fits into the schedule.  This maybe in it’s current form or a smaller review in a combined post. Let us know what you think…

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