Resurrection S2E1 – Episode Review


Resurrection season 2 started yesterday on Watch. If you watched season 1 of the show – it twists the nature of the show only in the first episode of the new season. 

Warning Spoilers Ahead.

Season 1 finished with Marty and Jacob been cornered by a helicopter of unknown origin. This possible evil organisation theme ran through the first episode.

The opening of the episode sees Marty on the side of the same road unconscious. The road is definitely the same as memories of the capture are replayed in Marty’s head. He is definitely not right in the head.


He runs through the town to try and find someone he knows but the town is empty.  The army is gone but the audience gets to see that the army took some of the “Returned” (the returned with no relatives).  Marty eventually reaches Jacob’s House to say Jacob got captured but Jacob is fine and at home.

Henry explains that Marty has been gone for a week and the people who had Marty and Jacob, said Marty was unstable. Marty still has cloudy memory and thinks he has been drugged and integrated.

Marty later goes to his ally Doctor Maggie to get a checkup to  see what has happened. Nothing was found apart from slight heartburn. Maggie offers him a place to stay – He accepts.  They chit-chat.

“Dead people coming back. Not enough time to chit chat.”


Fred’s Descent into Chaos

Sheriff Fred meanwhile has lost lots of allies within the town. He asked a postman to move his van – “What you gonna do call in the army again!”.  Clearly, he has upset lots of people with them nearly losing “returned” relatives again. Him trying to deal with his “returned” wife not returning to him has caused more trouble than good for him.

Even Maggie (his daughter) won’t return his calls.  He later goes to confront her and sees Marty come out of her house. In his drunk state, he assumes the worse and attacks Marty. Marty puts him down with ease, not hurting him physically – just his pride.


A New Returned

Jacob’s arc in the episode certainly leads most of the audience to believe he is the centre of this epidemic of returned. He knows where the returned are – he found his grandma who was dead. He runs off in the night and goes to the graveyard. He finds his grandma there and explains everything to her.

Henry interviews his mother in regards to her death and her resurrection. They discuss Fred and she is unhappy with his actions.

Henry calls Fred to tell him the news. He doesn’t take it well.

“It’s not her”


Henry talks to his mum about this and she knows she has to face him. This should help him face his demons.  Before she can get to him, Fred is on the bed and holds a gun to himself. Luckily, she then arrives.  It takes a few slaps and a few tenative moments with the gun pointing at her but he gives it to the mum.

“I am here now its going to be ok”


Chicago and the big reveal

Marty gets a call to go to Chicago. He goes but its A TRAP!!!

He runs and confronts the caller (his boss).  Then when he goes home, it feels alien to him. He feels different. He meets the enemy. She wants Marty’s help. They want him to spy.

“You don’t know”

“we will put you with the rest of them”




He died in the week he cant remember.



A great episode to start the season. If you missed it – it should be On Demand with UKTV (for a limited time).

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