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A man named Leo is recently divorced and decides to go to Peru to visit his cousins.

The theme of the story is nice. A truly devastated man runs off to Peru to get over the loss of his marriage and meets a girl in Peru who gives him hope for love again.

It’s a good story; however, there are deep holes in the plot and in the characters which keep this novella from being a great story.

Leo’s pain from his divorce and separation are well written. We really feel sorry for Leo. For his crumbled marriage, he longing for his son, and his despair about life.

There’s a true lack of dialogue in the book. The majority of the novella is in the head of the protagonist, Leo. Most of what we learn about the other characters is through thoughts in Leo’s mind. Marisol herself barely speaks except to tell Leo she likes him and loves making love to him.

The biggest concern in the story is Marisol herself. She’s given very little characterization and she’s merely a sexual object. Her physical descriptions are given long paragraphs about her delicate features, her symmetrical face, and long black hair. However, we don’t know much about the character of Marisol. What does she like to do? What does she do at the hotel she works at? We don’t know details about her past or her goals for the future. It would really make her more of a person if we knew more about her other than her physical features and a couple of journalistic paragraphs about her.

By the end of the novella, Leo has been in Peru for about a month and is head over heels in love with Marisol. He never talked to his son that he missed so much and what does he do that he can take off a month? Or did he quit his job? He’s so in love with Marisol, but goes back to Europe knowing that he’ll never see her again. It’s nice that the ending isn’t the conventional ending where the girl chases after the guy in the airport and proclaims her love. However, it’s kind of sad. Marisol renews his faith in love and rejuvenates his lease on life, but that’s it? Bye, see ya never?

Overall, “The Love of Marisol” is a good, quick read, but it’s not going to make you cry or fall in love with the characters. It would be a great novella to read while waiting in the airport or if you’re lounging on your deck.


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