Rise of the Krays


In the 196os, the East End of London was home to two of the most notorious gangsters that England has ever produced, Ronnie and Reggie Kray.  Twins, the brothers spent their formative years boxing with their older brother and quickly became violent out of the ring in order to achieve their goals.

From the 31st August 2015 Rise of the Krays comes to DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Signature Entertainment. Chronicling the early exploits of the infamous East End siblings, the film portrays their rise to power in London.  From fighting in the street, to setting fire to buildings, the brothers and their followers were not afraid to get their hands bloody, but their activities had a much further purview including blackmail and running protection rackets, it is said they even manages to blackmail members of the Cabinet Office.

16B_1_Rise of the Krays is a chilling representation of the sheer violence that the Kray twins would deliver upon anyone who crossed them and the terror that their merciless reign instilled in those around them.  The graphic nature of the film really drives home just how ruthless the pair were with the outstanding performances from the cast, most notably Simon Cotton (The Dark Hours), who plays Ronnie Kray and Kevin Leslie (Essex Boys Retribution) who stars as Reggie Kray.  Both bring gravitas and grit to the screen as we watch the early life and the rise of the Kray twins unfold.

This film is the first of two movies that chart the rise and then the subsequent fall of the intriguing pair and their grip on the streets of London.  With the first instalment keeping the viewer glued to the screen, wincing wanting to turn away from the horror but some how unable to, we can only wait filled with anticipation for its sequel.


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