Risen 3 – PS4 Game Review


Risen to a fantasy realm. Stories within a fantasy, seems fun – we gave it a whirl.



We enter the world of Risen having not played previous versions. So we enter quite interested to see what they are all about.

First off, the nice beaches with beautiful graphics complete with coves and waterfalls. Bit of a downside was the terrible voice acting it became kind of off putting.

Risen3 2

Taking the voice acting out of the equation, the story revolves around a pirate looking for some treasure along with a stereotypical busty partner (who also appears to be my sister).

Early on in the game, the player/pirate gets killed by a demon only to be later resurrected by a tribal man. As the story goes on the player/pirate tries to reclaim their soul by finding the demon that took it.


Risen 3 has a fantasy element to it as you may have guessed from the story. As the Pirate, fights are big and variable, ending up fighting huge monster crabs, giant spiders and other types of beasts is normality.

Later on the ability for the player to transform into a parrot or a monkey to complete quests varies the game well. These parts of the game can be fun and a break from the combat/treasure hunting, however Risen 3 can be quite unforgiving. The player’s health does not respawn so keeping an eye on it is paramount and refilling the health potions when necessary.


There is a steep learning curve and we found ourselves overwhelmed by the side quests and missions early on. That’s not to say it is enjoyable, but it would have been nicer if it didn’t present too much too soon. Most of the combat revolves around dodging but it doesn’t seem complex enough to be considered interesting.


Risen 3 has a lot to offer if you are willing to put the time in. Even exploring the islands is a joy as the graphics do the game justice. Newcomers to the series may find it overwhelming and if you can ignore the voice acting you can have many hours of enjoyment out of Risen 3.

3 out of 5

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