The 30th November 2015 sees the release of the BBC’s hit new crime show River.  First aired on BBC One earlier this year on Tuesday Nights, the chilling cop drama is one with a twist and was met with rave reviews and big audiences.

1968Starring Stellan Skarsgård (Thor) as Detective John River, a police officer who is struggling to deal with the death of his close friend and partner on the job, Stevie played by Nicola Walker (Spooks).  Her death is a mystery to all who knew her and John feels it is only right he get to the bottom of what really happened, but delving into Stevie’s past only reveals a plethora of secrets that lead River to question just who his friend was.

RIVER_3D_BRRiver is no ordinary copper though, he has genius that few would understand, including himself.  He walks a fine line between this genius and being written off as someone with a terrible affliction of the mind.  His gift, though he would not call it that, is that he is haunted and talked to by the ghosts of murder victims, including Stevie.

The standout cast of this haunting British drama series features such talent as Lesley Manville, Adheel Akhtar and Eddie Marsan is out today on DVD & Blu-ray and includes all 6 episodes of the must watch first season.  They will keep you gripped over each episode as you delve deeper and deeper into the secret life of Stevie and watch River unravel as he comes face to face with the ghosts of victims and his best friend.

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