Rocket Birds 2 – PS4 Review



Rocket Birds 2: Evolution is pretty much what the title says (except maybe a machine gun instead of a rocket). The game sees you playing as a bird and infiltrating an enemy base (also run by birds) it sounds a bit bizarre, and it is.


Rocket Birds 2 is a twin stick side scrolling shooter with the level layout looking similar to Strider or Metroid.  It mainly includes shooting enemies and pressing switches to progress to the next room. Occasionally the player is able to hack another bird’s phone and ‘control them’ to helping the player to open another door.
The game unfortunately relies heavily on the twin stick method, which we found was not very accurate at times and so this would lead to death and frustration. The death cycle isn’t too frustrating though as the player will ultimately be respawned and given more attempts.
If players can overcome the aiming, it can be a very enjoyable game with a few laughs thrown in.


A good game to pass a few hours, there are better examples out there, but none the less, this is an amusing game.

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