Rolf Harris – Guilty


Rolf Harris was an icon to children across the land, with his shows Rolf’s Cartoon Time, Rolf on Art and even Animal Hospital, he was on our screens for much of the last 30 years and loved by children everywhere, becoming a national treasure and even being knighted.

On 28th March the Aussie children’s entertainer was arrested amongst allegations of indecent assault against young girls between 1968 and 1986.  When the news broke it was a shock that someone with such presence and who was a part of so many lives, could be accused of these things.

Yesterday the world was told that Rolf Harris was found guilty of these charges.  Twelve young girls between the ages of seven and nineteen had been subjected to his perversions and suffered at the hands of a man they were meant to be able to trust.

When someone is put in a position like Mr Harris, we automatically assume our children are safe.  That these people are there to entertain children and that no harm would come to them when in their presence.  Recently, it seems only too often that childhood heroes are being revealed as monsters.

Many memories are tainted but none more so than those poor women who had to live through such horrible ordeals and have been brave enough to step forward now and speak the truth.




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