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Learning a language can be really difficult, finding the time to sit in front of the computer and go through the lessons is not the easiest thing when you have a busy life.  So, for when you are on the go all of the time, Rosetta Stone have come up with a clever idea, a companion app that works along side your computer based lessons.


rosetta1The app is downloaded like any other and can be placed in a folder of your choice.  Once you open it up and sign in you can change the settings to suit you, dependant on the language you are learning.

The Precision Level is a great tool, you can adjust it to your learning progress, the better you find you are doing, the higher you can move the precision level, ensuring that you really hone your language skills, getting each sound perfect.

The app works in conjunction with each lesson.  So, f you are working on Lesson 2 Unit 3 that is where your app will take you.

rosetta2Each mini lesson functions much like a flash card system, focusing on the Vocabulary, Speaking and Pronunciation of what you learned in that lesson.  Above you can see a section from a  Pronunciation lesson.  Here the work for Milk is being recapped:

  • First the visual image of the word is displayed, with the romanised lettering that represents the sounds made in the Japanese language.
    • gyuunyuu – milk
  • Next the word is broken down into each phonic, accompanied by the hiragana.  This does two things, it reinforces the sound of that part of the word, gyu for example, and it introduces the hiragana for that sound.  This teaches the sound and the character.
    •  gyu – ぎゅ
    • u -う
    • nyu – にゅ
    • u – う
    • gyuunyuu – ぎゅうにゅう
  • You can change the character set that you see on the screen.  In Japanese there are a few alphabets and each of them can be used at different stages of your learning journey.
    • Romanised – our alphabet is used for Westerners to make learning the language easier.
    • Hiragana – again for forgein language learners and young children, hiragana is a basic form of kanji.
    • Katakana – the full Japanese character set used in everyday life.

The app s a reat y to not only emphasise your learning and reinforce the language, but it gives you an on the go option, one that can be used on your phone or tablet, allowing you to learn wherever and when ever you want.



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