Ross Noble Freewheeling – S02E01 Review



A weird show about Ross Noble doing random stuff around the country. Sounds Interesting? – Well it started Tonight on UK Channel Dave.



A show with no real format. The format is him going on a journey by looking at tweets. 


“No Idea whats going to happen in the next 60 minutes”

It truly is 60 minutes (well 40 excluding ad breaks) of random fun.



Episode 1 Mini Review

Episode 1 was all Brian and the journey to reach him. London to Sunderland via a few places.


How about going to Leicester to win a bet? – Sounds good.



£100 bet to go via Leicester. – Getting waylaid talking about Porn. Random!


“Drive by Shouting”  – cause they cant afford guns?


Then throw in a random documentary on a fake cheese festival where cheese gets thrown on the face.  Then Ross decides to get an old woman to beat him up. Her initial reaction to the idea is hilarious.

Ross Noble Freewheeling Series 2 Episode 1

Next up – a trip to Newcastle Airport.

Newcastle Airport

Suprising a woman in Newcastle Airport when she arrives from a hen party. Even brought a band and a magician.

Watching them all coming off the plan one by one was funny.


“WOOOOOO… no.”


The camera pans across and the viewer sees a bald man coming through. clearly not her.

“Woooooooooooooooooooo… Yes.”


Justice for Brian Campaign

Still waiting on seeing the man in court. Now he sees him. Its weird – He is quite weird but Ross makes light hearted fun of the situation.

“You cant handle to truth”


Ross now creates the Justice for Brian Campaign. ITS SOOO RANDOM!!!

He even goes to see Billy Ocean and he films a message for Brian.



Justice for Brian. Sunderland Radio Station – Breakfast Show.

The morning of the trial – he goes on Sunderland Radio. Confesses that he has no clue if Brian is innocent or not. (its only small claims court).
Journey to court.

While Brian is in court he got Artists to make “court room art” of Brian.  Random lady brought lollies and a funny moment when 2 cameras are covering Ross at the same time.


Random Press Conference for Brian at the end too – was stupidly funny.


More to Come next Week for Ross Noble Next Tuesday 10pm on Dave.




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