Rugby World Cup 2015 – The Game


We got a chance to play the game of the Rugby World Cup Tournament. The Tournament started today – does the virtual tournament live up to the real thing?



Experience the passion of rugby in the official Rugby World Cup 2015 video game.

The game lets you choose from the 20 participating Rugby Union International teams who are competing in the World Cup. The most prestigious Tournament in rugby.

From Argentina to Fiji, challenge yourself to take a different team each time to the final.  Play in your own Rugby World Cup 2015, from pool stage to the Final.



The base game on the field in good at its foundation. Solid gameplay with intuitive controls to set you going,  we took Scotland to the title on the easy mode and it took us a few attempts to get it going.

Building from that foundation is a solid game but its flaws are visible.  The on-the-field play is a good start with a few glitches in player movement that happen every few games. Not enough to break you out the game but noticing the breaks in formation or players running into walls is strange.

Rugby 3

The U.I. for changing players and rotating the squad is too basic for people use to FIFA. The players on the field and on the bench have no difference in colour within the U.I. – and subbing players takes way too long and takes us out of the match experience.

Commentary during matches is basic – but we like to see them map more lines into the next one. Good start but needs allot of progression for the next game.



With the overall lack of Rugby games (Union or League), this is a solid game with a few issues but they are easy to get over.  It gets a solid 3/5 from us.


3 out of 5

This will never get to the level of a FIFA game or any of the 2K Series of sports games, however if they work hard and develop the ideas further and clean up the U.I. – Future Editions are likely to get a bigger score for us. 

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