S.P.T.S. – Always Lookout For Yourself



Kindness is welcome and looking out for others is great but when we do that we forget about number 1 – yourself.  

This can be in many forms. Be it in life, love, work, opportunities, etc. 

Life could be falling on top of you and you feel stretched to the limit. Think through your options and how they effect you – should you continue going down that direction

Love, is that person right for you? Did you take a chance with someone and they did not accept you for who you are.  Is it a healthy relationship for you. Think about it, and how you can change it by thinking through everything. Every healthy relationship has ups and downs – how can you tune it back into an up?

Work could be a drag, do you continue with it or move onwards? Its about finding that balance of challenge to need of job. It could be the only option you have. 

This is not saying stop thinking of others, it is us saying – take time for yourself. Even if it is just a few minutes at the start of the day, before the kids get up. Chill, cup of your favourite beverage and analyse how you want the day to go. At the end, remind yourself how the day went and how it was successful. Did you tick all the boxes, did it go better than expected?

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