S.P.T.S. – Be Yourself



The one thing we often forget is to push through and be ourselves. We are all crazy and good people in ways, we cannot imagine yet. In the past 100 years,  we have seen the rise of equal rights for people of all ethic origins, religions and sexes. We continue to be in the middle of a rough political climate. Where the stronger alpha personalities are coming out and hiding the opinions of others through negativity and harsh actions.

Things can push us down to continue to push to the idea of what is normal. In a climate, that is ever changing – what is normal? Nothing is.  For example, the way a person is found attractive has changed over the years.  We have had pushup bras, corsets, charcoal, chalk, and other random tools to push up beauty. 

Personalities have changed and what is important to one person wont be important to others. In the same way TV genres are set for different people so are personalities.  Be yourself and you will find a perfect fit for you – it might be a while but just look out. 

The beauty will likely bring people in but its the personality which will keep them around. So be yourself!! 

We all have took chances and were backed into a corner professionally or personally. It is all about pushing the negatives to one side and realising the corner you are in is not a corner but a door to something else better.  


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