S.P.T.S. – Get out of your head


Some days its hard for us to get out of my heads – to push that negative idea or thought out. Why? – Cause we are all human. We expect life to always go our way but it is never the case, and when it goes wrong we reach by going back into our shells/heads.

Our Shells/Heads are our comfort zones and when you stay put for too long – bad things tend to happen. We dont think of others and we present ourselves in a positive light – because this is hiding.  We all need time to relax and digest – but make sure to think of others too. We as humans need to socialise, even us on the outside of most social circles – need that connection. 

How do we get out of our heads?
The best way is to relax and push in positive thoughts or to clean our minds with distractions or a positive song lyric.

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