S.P.T.S. – Repair and Take More Chances


It safe to say, we forget that when we take chances it can go wrong. You could be told “not a chance” when we are asking someone out on a date, a job could be ideal and nearly yours – but you screw up in the job interview. You pick yourself up, repair the mistakes or take that different approach that will make you successful again.

We all have to take chances. We’ve had our hearts broken or our minds shattered by an opportunity we thought was possible but was not. Everyone will have a different opinion and learning that your voice is not always leading you down the correct route is hard to hear.

Romance – Learning the person you lust over (it could be love) is not the one – is hard to hear.  Most will crave after the idea of someone not the someone.  But there is someone out there for everyone. Its jus tabout the journey of finding them. 
Remember to live life, that is done by taking chances and throwing yourself out there.

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