Saints Row : Re-Elected and Gat Out Of Hell


The time has arrived, finally the wait is over and the anticipation is quenched, Saints Row adds another game to it’s catalogue and have remastered the last one for the latest gaming systems!  It is safe to say we are excited.

Re-mastered, Re-loaded, Re-elected

Re-elected has all the fun of the Saints Row series, and the insanity of them, rolled into this fabulous re-mastered edition for new-gen consoles.  It includes every piece of DLC ever released for the game and is just screaming for you to pick up a control pad and start causing mayhem.

As head of the Saint Row empire you are now the elected President of the United States of America.  This might seem like a sweet gig, but things are about to get a little bit iffy in the US of A as aliens attack.  You are kidnapped by the leader of these invaders and spirited away to a virtual Steelport where you must battle said aliens and try to escape.

Of course this is all done in the most hilarious manner, in fact there were a few occasions when the game had only been on a short while, that we were in stitches with laughter.

The game has everything you would expect from the Saints Row series, a free roaming open world that leaves the payer to his or her own devices.  Follow the main storyline, complete side quests and activities or just run around blowing stuff up, whatever you decide to do in the virtual, virtual Steelport it will add to your level and your cache of weapons and cash.

Full customisation of your character allows you to let your imagination run wild, you can even decide on their ‘sex appeal,’ (we’ll leave you to find out just what that means).  The franchise has come a long way since the days of Saints Row initial offering where the task of having a female character was left only to multi player and then you had to make a feminine bloke.

Expand your wardrobe with fancy clothes and build your car collection, all with the option to customise how you see fit.  Let’s not forget the weapons, Friendly Fire is open and waiting for your purchases, whether you favour a simple pistol, or a heavy SMG there are more than enough to tickle your taste buds and again customisation is available.

Weapons and your character can be upgraded, homies can get better at what they do and Steelport can once again be yours, if you dare to fight the alien hoards!

 Gat Out of Hell

It’s Kenzie’ Birthday in this standalone Saints Row expansion pack and until the subject of games comes up, she just isn’t interested.  So, spirit bard in hand the party goers, which includes you, President of the USA as seen in Saints Row Re-Elected, decide to see if anyone is on the other side.

After the President is sucked into hell, Gat and Kenzie courageously follow to try and save her soul (or his if you created a male character in Re-Elected).

Hell looks a lot like Steelport, you know except for the human walking husks, flowing lava and scorched earth.  Gat earns his wings, yes that’s right WINGS and the race is on to take over hell, challenge Satan and save the boss.


Release Date: 23rd January 2015
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Volition


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