Sandwich Recipes with a bit of “Welly”….


Why not check out the recipes, the weird and the realistic to make.  The Muffaletta Sandwich looks especially a challenge.


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Affordable meats are hard to come by, we know especially having sandwiches on a daily occasion – finding the product at a good price point and good taste value is paramount.  WELLY, a new British produced cooked meat brand has come in to help fill that space.
WELLY aim to make you think while making that sandwich.  With a good variety of hams especially,  no one sandwich will ever be the same again!!!


Ham Muffaletta Sandwich

Ham Muffaletta FSA



  • 1 sourdough 1000g round loaf
  • 1 pack WELLY ham slices
  • 8 slices of Swiss cheese
  • 30g fresh spinach leaves
  • 1 pack of Mozzarella (fresh mozzarella is best but sliced is fine)
  • 4 mild chopped pickled chillies
  • 8 sliced Italian pickled Borettane onions in balsamic vinegar
  • 100g roasted onions
  • 150g roasted red pepper strips – the jarred roast peppers are fine
  • 80g green pesto
  • 20g olive oil
  • 20g balsamic vinegar


1 – Carefully slice the lid from the loaf and hollow out as much of the soft bread as possible leaving a bread shell, (tip – do not throw the bread away, freeze and save for stuffing!)

2 – Spread the pesto all over the inside of the loaf and lightly sprinkle with olive oil and vinegar

3 – Layer all the cheeses (break up the mozzarella into chunks if using fresh) spinach, ham, onions, pickles and peppers, lightly pressing each layer

4 – Place the lid on and cover with cling film, Press between 2 plates and place a weight on top (this helps keep the Muffaletta together when slicing)

5 – Place in the fridge for 2 hours before slicing into wedges



Ham, Swiss Cheese and Arrabbiata Sauce Panini

Panini FSA



  • Panini roll cut but left hinged
  • 4 slices of WELLY ham
  • 2 slices of Swiss Cheese
  • 40g Arrabbiata sauce


  • Cut a panini roll and spread the sauce on the base and lid of the panini roll
  • Layer the WELLY ham and Swiss cheese and close
  • Place on a contact grill or dry frying pan for 3 or 4 minutes until golden brown and crisp



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