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In Season 1, Charlie was in a coma but was in the spirit world helping people dead and nearly dead. It changed him as a man and as a Doctor. His love for Alex still stayed, with Alex struggling with her own emotions.

Last weeks episode started with a bang –

The Start Shoot-out

As the episode begins, the happy couple are on route to their first shift back. They see a couple in wedding outfits – retorting “should we tell them not to take a cab” (bringing it back to season 1’s major storyline of Charlie’s coma)

As Alex and Charlie head to their first shift back, they get caught in the middle of a shooting. Several patients enter, including one of the shooter and a bloke who fell down the stairs.


Hope Zion

Joel is shown looking at boring budgets. His role of Chief of Surgery is rather boring, but the call runs in of the emergency and he goes to help/

3 Cases are shown this week:

  • Charlie, The Jedi and the Pork Sandwich
  • Alex and the Bullied Teen
  • Joel and the Moving Bullet

Alex tries to take the “Pork Sandwich” case she came in with but the Chief of Surgery Joel says no.

 Picture shows Dr Dawn Bell (Michelle Nolden), Dr Gavin Murphy (Kristopher Turner), Dr Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross), Dr Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies), Dr Alex Reid (Erica Durance), Dr Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks), Dr Shahir Hamza (Huse Madhavji)  

Picture shows Dr Dawn Bell (Michelle Nolden), Dr Gavin Murphy (Kristopher Turner), Dr Maggie Lin (Julia Taylor Ross), Dr Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies), Dr Alex Reid (Erica Durance), Dr Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks), Dr Shahir Hamza (Huse Madhavji)

Charlie, The Jedi and the Pork Sandwich

A man coming in with several injuries. He is shouting in pain, his pregnant wife follows. The Patient presents with leg injuries and has started developing stomach issues. The Patient says “Pork sandwich” to his wife rather than I love you because that’s disguising. The wife gets told that the patient is going into surgery – she breaks water and is due to give birth soon.

Another case arrives, the shooter – brain dead but still alive. Alex gets pushed off this case and moves on to help Maggie with a teen case. The surgery does not go well. Charlie sees the ghost of the patient in the operating room.

He does not know what this means speaking to both the brain surgeon and the psychiatrist. The patient’s ghost form speaks to Charlie. Trying to make sure his legacy is not his son getting called “Jedi”.

Charlie eventually relents and helps the patient talk to his wife to make sure his kid doesn’t get called it. At the end the kid’s beginning and the dad’s death in one scene brings tears to the eye, the ghost form does watch his kid get born.

Alex and the Bullied Teen

Maggie shows Alex the patient. The patient is a 17 yr old teenage girl with stomach issues. She presents with major emotional issues screaming “Please let me die”. Alex breaks character by slapping the patient.

Alex realises her mistake quickly and backs away from the patient. Later on, the patient is revealed to have taken a major painkiller overdose, whilst treating that – they find a liver swelling.

Maggie needs Alex again, as the patient escapes just wanting to “lay in the grass in the park”. Alex looks into the patient’s eyes seeing yellow, early stage of liver failure. She needs a new liver.

She talks to a fellow doctor after the patient relapses –


“We need to consider the next steps”

“There are no next steps”


Alex looks into the reasons behind this when she sees the patients phone. It includes lots of verbal abuse, telling her to die, and a sex tape.

Alex needs to find a transplant quickly. She finds the shooter still brain dead and still on ventilation. She manages to convince the family to let him go, and to help others.

In the end, once the medical issues were out of the way. Alex talks to the teen, to explain why she slapped her. Making sure that she was ok.

Joel and the Moving Bullet


A lady comes in with a kid who got trampled by the crowd in the shooting. The kid is fine, but he notices the mum is bleeding. She got shot. She is more concerned about the kid than herself.

She gets an x-ray.

While the mum is in X-ray – Dr Goran asks the kid to help him with an opening joke for his speech.

In the X-ray – the bullet has moved.

The bullet has moved to the abdomen. The bullet has gone into the femeral vein. – It has a route straight to the heart, “Like a pebble in a stream.”

The mum is informed that she has to have open heart surgery by the heart surgeon. Dr Goran suggests an alternative. Rodeo the bullet with a wire through the vein in the leg.

Dr Bell and Dr Goran disagree. In the surgery after initial issues the surgery was a success. The kid was reunited with the mum and he told him the joke to tell in his speech.



From the stuff seen in season 1, the dynamic has changed – which is good. Sticking to the same formula means the show gets stale. With Charlie still seeing ghosts and Alex realising that her goals have changed from being the surgeon she was, it is good television.

In the UK: Saving Hope is on Watch, Wednesdays at 8pm.


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