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First thing the viewer sees is a pig on the operating table. The surgeons at Alex’s level and below are being taught how to do a valve operation. It is been run by Dr. Bell – Charlie’s ex-wife, the bad feelings in the room are easily felt. Alex’s pig feels it the worse as it dies from a valve placed wrongly.

The pattern of cases this week is the same as last with:

  • Alex and the Italian Pig

  • Charlie and the Musical Blockage

  • Joel and the Bone Wounds


Charlie and the Musical Blockage

Charlie is doing rounds with his staff and he hears singing. He asks Doctor Murphy to tell the patient to stop. He goes behind the curtain to see a silent coma patient and the ghost of him singing next to it.

Charlie goes back to the patient’s wife afterwards to talk about what surgery to do next. The wife is in a bad way, the wife wants to pull the plug. The ghost tries to talk to Charlie in song but Charlie cannot understand him.

In a conversation with Dr Murphy, he realises the wife is in a worse spot than he thought. The wife is about to pull the plug. Later on, Charlie listens to the song the ghost patient is singing. Charlie is convinced into talking to the wife to wait longer, time to consider – no rash decisions.

Charlie later on, operates, accidentally placing a screw while fixing the backbone in the wrong place. It breaks the brain blockage somehow and the patient recovers. The other patients weren’t as lucky.

Alex and the Italian Pig

After killing the pig, she goes with Maggie to treat a patient – A fat Italian American in his 50s. He is found to have issues with his bowel and heart. Dr Bell is called to consult, deciding to take the patient off of Alex. Alex challenges her but struggles to match wits.

“Don’t Challenge Me In Front Of My Patient!” – Dr Bell

The patient’s bowel later on decides to get worse. Alex is called into action and doesn’t not call Dr Bell when taking the patient to get it looked at in the scanner. This is later called into question, when they have it out in the Chef of Surgery – Joel’s Office. Alex feels like it’s personal but Dr. Bell does not feel comfortable with Alex’s skills after killing the pig. Joel says tag team it, but Dr. Bell says no.

The patient who has warmed to Alex more than Dr. Bell, talks to her and she later puts a argument at Dr. Bell. Alex manages to get onto the heart surgery. In the surgery, a part of the bowel erupts – later to be found as bowel cancer. Alex and Dr. Bell bond on a surgery level, as Alex proves she is worthwhile. Alex saves the bowel and Dr. Bell assists.

Joel and the Bone Wounds

A simple case turns out to be the most interesting. A girl comes in with a lump on her neck, and a very over protective set of parents. The patient says she wants to keep her feet warm – so keeps her socks on.

Joel biopsy’s the lump. Later on a complication, the girl cannot lift her arm. Joel looks at the lump, another lump appears. She loses the ability to breath, Joel still does not know what is up.

A conversation with Charlie helps him decide what to do next. After a brief moment when Charlie says: “I had to come back, someone was chasing my girl.”

A third surgery is planned, the feet are mentioned. Joel notices the bumps on her feet similar to the neck. He wakes the patient up from anesthesia. The kid reveals she hid the other bumps from her parents – as they had been trying a long time to conceive a kid.

He later reveals this to the patient’s parents, she has F.O.P. – Basically meaning if she has any fall or trauma, her body reacts turning the trauma areas to bone. So every time he stuck a needle in bone would be the lump.

Joel told the parents, that she protected them but now the family can fight the illness together.


Dr Bell and Alex’s work relationship is an interesting one, it brings up many questions as to where it will go. Alex and Charlie make a good pair but Alex asked her – “Do you still love him?”.

At the end of the episode, Charlie and Alex said to each other, to forgot the rivals and focus on each other.

This was a good episode to watch on Watch. These Saving Hope Reviews will now be set after each and every episode this season.

Pictures provided by UKTV. Saving Hope is on Watch Wednesdays – 8pm.

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