Saving Hope S02E03 Review


Saving Hope S02E03 Review – “Why Waste Time”

Sorry for the delay, had some technical issues but they have now been solved. Here is the review for this week’s episode of Saving Hope.

New Starts

Alex and Charlie talk about Charlie struggling to sleep. They discuss getting a new bed, to put forward the idea of the new start. Charlie’s eyes get diverted with a french ghost lady in lingerie not realizing she is a ghost.  Alex takes this as bad but Charlie manages to cobble together a response

This week focuses on multiple cases:

  • Joel and Tennis Industry Knee

  • Alex and the Foreign Fake

  • Gaggie and Jarin

  • Charlie and the Patient’s Two Wives



Joel and the Tennis Industry Knee

Joel gets a callout to consult on a knee injury with a high profile female tennis player Rikki Wilkins. He can tell straight away that the dad is in control of what happens to the young tennis star.

Joel says she needs surgery that will take her off the pro circuit 6 months. The dad disagrees and takes her to different doctors. Rikki comes back and tells Joel, he was the only one to talk to her and tell her the truth. Joel convinces her on surgery.

In the surgery, before the operation the dad is in the room – Joel kicks him out. The surgery is a success. Joel and Rikki talk. Her dad is not talking to her but “thats ok”, she has not had time off in a long while.

Alex and the Foreign Fake

Alex’s rival has a frank discussion with her, he wonders why she has not specialized yet as he has. Alex wonders that herself.

At this point, a man comes in holding his wife neck and asks for help. Alex and the rest of the trauma team come in, they ask the man to step out but he refuses because he is keeping pressure on his wife’s neck vein so she does not bleed out. The team are all impressed by this person who is clearly a doctor.

While they deal with the wife, he even sutured his own stab wound. Police managed to get the robber who stabbed them both. The Foreign Doctor and Alex connect, they talk about trauma as his specialty.

His wife has complications, she has to go to surgery. The doctors talk about next step surgery, Alex gets pulled out to talk to a colleague. The foreign doctor is not a legal doctor in Canada, he is a limo driver.

Joel talks to Alex about the foreign doctor leading the patient’s care. The fake Doctor is a doctor but his foreign license does not mean anything in Canada. The wife goes into second surgery. The surgery leads to complications, Alex has to change her method. Alex calls her rival in to assist, more complications. She calls in the foreign doctor to talk her through the bigger procedure. He does, and it works.

Alex talks to the patient’s husband – the fake doctor, telling him to be a loving husband to her not her doctor. Alex, from what happened today, wants to specialize in trauma.

Saving Hope 2

Gaggie and Jarin

Maggie and Gavin are working together to help two teen cancer patients in Jay and Carin. The patients are in the same room together and have been for a while. The staff have started calling them “Jarin” a mixture of the two names.

The patients riff about Maggie and Gavin, “Gaggie”. Jay and Carin have a difficult relationship and Jay crosses one of Carin’s deal breakers. He asked her how she felt. She reacted badly, then goes to kimo.

Gavin talks to Carin about the tumor and her relationship breakup with Jay. Carin has a inoperable tumour and the kimo didn’t help, it leads to a high emotional state and she needs support.

At the same time, Maggie talks to Jay. Jay admits he forced the breakup by saying that. The deal breakers are discussed and he admits his, he does not like been touched because of the doctors constant cancer treatment.

“Gaggie” both get a date set up in the lobby for “Jarin” to talk it out. They reluctantly do it and later reveal they want to get married. Obviously with their parent’s permission of course. At the end of the episode, Carin breaks Jay’s barriers by holding hands.

Charlie and the Patient’s Two Wives

Kevin is lying down on a bed with a dislocated hip. Maggie and Charlie have already sedated him and need to pop the bone back in. They break the bone. Further tests revealed he has leukemia, the patient Kevin revealed he has no family so needs to go on the register.

They take him to surgery for the bone to fix it up, on route to the surgery – he makes a phone call – he lies to his doctors about it. The surgery has complications, he becomes unconscious. Charlie realizes straight away when the ghost appears.

Later on, Kevin’s ghost and Charlie talk. Kevin reveals he has two wives and two happy lives. He has Julia and plenty of rescue dogs, and Gail and two kids. Kevin wakes up not knowing of this conversation and Charlie tells him the facts.

“Your secrets are your business but keeping you alive is mine”

He reveals it to them both and both offer to help him through the leukemia but one at least wants a divorce.


4 cases leading to different main character conclusions. Maggie decides to make to plunge and move in with Gavin. Alex declares her speciality. Joel is becoming more and more the right Chef of Surgery. Charlie and Alex’s new bed provides that new start but he still has not told her about the ghosts.

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