Saving Hope S02E04 Review – “Defense”


This Week on Saving Hope – “Defense”


Introduction – Charity Basketball

Doctors vs Lawyers in a charity game for $5000 to the winning charity.  We are introduced to the “ambulance chaser” lawyer Russell Burke, he is on defense and slams into Alex to score 2 points. Alex calls a time out, Doctors need 3 to win the game with 6 seconds left.

Alex is team leader of the team which includes the chef of surgery Joel – so weird to see. Alex wants to give Joel the final shot but Charlie says its mine, please.  They give the final shot to Charlie. Russell defends the shot by launching himself into Charlie as he shoots for the basket. Russell ends up throwing himself at Charlie  knocking both of them down, but also launching himself into a metal stand where the crowd would sit. He ends up walking off the court with bruised ribs.  Charlie’s shot scores and the Doctors win – Russell is then rushed to Hospital.


Then the fun begins:

  • Charlie, Joel and the Ambulance Chaser
  • Dr Miller and the Blind Wife Stealer
  • Alex and the Great Randall Pain
  • Side Story – Gavin and the Dog


Charlie, Joel and the Ambulance Chaser Part 1

Russell is next seen been carted into hospital on a gurney with black shade over his ribs. Russell being a malpractice lawyer wants to be in control of all steps of his treatment, Charlie makes him back down to start off with.  Alex treats Russell in the ER, finding that he needs surgery to correct the issue they take him to surgery.

On route to surgery, he throws up and looses feeling in his legs, the surgery is important so it has to be left for now. After a semi – successful surgery on the ribs, and because of Russell’s job – Joel takes charge of the case’s next steps.  Joel and Charlie later on talk about the case, they do not know the issue yet, loosing feeling in the legs but he walked off the basketball court.

Both Joel and Charlie visit the bedside of Russell to talk to him and his other half about next steps. While explaining about fixing his spine, Russell goes unconscious.  They explain the procedure to Sheila, Sheila wants Charlie not Joel, because the only case he lost was against Charlie.  Ghost Russell then appears:

“You are kind of supernatural Charlie”

The X-Rays are back and with ghost Russell looking on,  Joel and Charlie talk about his “bamboo spine” and how this is an “old man’s condition”.  Russell says he has excellent memory and will tell Alex of this “supernatural thing” if Charlie does not do the surgery. It works Charlie takes charge.

They then go to surgery.


Dr Miller and the Blind Wife Stealer

Maggie brings the Er Doctor – DR Miller to advise on a patient of hers. He has a stain glass window fall on him. He refuses to treat the patient because he stole his wife.

Later on, whilst Maggie is treating Hank. Dr Miller talks to his ex wife, she can’t understand why he is not treating him. Old emotions get brought up but Hank gets other symptoms. Miller rushes to help and they later find out – that two needles in the head have caused Hank to go blind.

The brain surgeon is brought in and explains that the window caused the needles to move from where they were as a kid. The needles were put there by an abusive birth mother, he was adopted.  They fix it and this happening has helped Zack move on from his past relationship.


Saving Hope 2
Alex and the Great Randall Pain

Alex treats Randall the patient that said he saw Charlie in season 1. After a surgery to correct an issue he is found to have tumors everywhere. He is on his own with no family but he is content with life.


Charlie, Joel and the Ambulance Chaser Part 2

Charlie whilst scrubbing up is surprised when Joel arrives and begins scrubbing himself. Joel will assist Charlie, Charlie makes sure to tell him who is in  charge in there.

Whilst in the Operating room, a complication leads to a general surgeon to come in. Alex does and has to do a surgery on him on her back:

“Just keep building the deck guys and I will fix the plumbing”. After tense moments she does it.

“Piece of Cake… Piece of Upside Down Cake” – cringe.

Whilst she fixes it, the ghost Russell begins to struggle – He cant walk. Charlie goes out of the surgery room to talk to him to ask what is happening. Charlie realizes he has to direct the procedure a different way. He walks back in and “double checks” the stats. Both Joel and Alex don’t understand what is happening but are happy he found the issue. They fix it all, he can now walk but the underlining issue is yet to be found.

Near the end of the Episode – Russell wakes up after surgery. Charlie explains to him that taking HGH caused him to get this “old man” condition.  Keeping himself young has made him grow old quicker.



Randall had a conversation with Charlie at the end of the episode saying he should not involve Alex – “she should have white picked fences”. Charlie agrees. – Does this mean Charlie will end it?

Joel meets up with Sonya (the moving bullet lady), they enjoyed an outing together.  Has Joel found Love?

Dr Miller and his friend doctor kissed at the end – Miller now moved on, what next?


More Questions than answers but the story of Russell Burke was an interesting one.



More Episodes – Wednesdays 8pm on Watch UK.

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