Saving Hope S02E05 Review – Prisoner Wilsons



Alex is at work and is talking on the phone to someone who sounds like Charlie. It is not. They talk about a thing they need to do, He needs his “licorice”.

Alex and the Prisoner Wilson

Alex and Zack the ER doctor, get a patient from the prison rushed in. The patient is 21 yr old named Lily who has a broken foot in a cast. Alex decides to get everyone 0ut the room bar medical personal that are female.

Later on, She reacts and tries to suffocate Alex when she turned her back. Prison Guard sees this and tazers her. While on break, Alex gets approached by the guard who has incident forms to fill in, Alex thinking nothing of it signs it.  This sets in motion, the prison system moving Lily’s case from minimal security prison to “Box” level.

Alex asks a fellow doctor’s advice, he says she is probably trying it on, its a vacation to them. She decides to test out why she is  like this “mentally”.  At this point, Alex receives another phone call from the guy asking about licorice, Charlie interrupts – so it is not Charlie…

During the scuffle with the prisoner, Alex got bit. So Charlie injects her so she is definitely not going to get Hep B or C.

Later on,  The patient has a setback – a miscarriage. In a single sex prison for multiple years, no conjugal visits – who got her pregnant? She refuses to name the miscarried baby’s father. The nurse comes in with the morning drugs, Lots of them. Alex sees this and stops them to talk to Gavin about them. They talk and they ween her off them, they are for anxiety.

Alex goes back to Lily when off the drugs more and she slips the father’s name “Percy the librarian”.

Later on, after a seizure, the brain specialist sees the issue in the eye. Rings on the eye are a sign of Wilson’s disease, which has caused these “sexual rage” issues.  With some squabbling with the prison service, they resolve it as best they can. Alex even talks to a lawyer to help Lily serve the rest of her time in a minimal security prison.


Saving Hope 1

Maggie and The Distant Blue Lagoon

Maggie and Gavin are talking in between patients and talk about a movie they saw last night, Gavin cried along with the crowd but Maggie has not. She does not cry at much.  Charlie comes in with 2 hockey sticks and Maggie jumps at the chance to do a double leg bone donor operation. The dead donor is to get their leg bones taken out and replaced by the straight part of the hockey sticks.

While Charlie is about to set up the procedure by getting the corpse out to begin, the ghost of the patient arrives. He is Maggie’s Dad!!!

Charlie sees the ghost, and he says he does not want her daughter to see him like this. Later on, with find out he had been to a “rub and tug” aka a massage parlor (“The Blue Lagoon”).  So Charlie makes something up and pulls Maggie out of the room.

Charlie gets Gavin to talk to her. He tries but Maggie freezes with it, she cannot comprehend her dad dying. She cant even cry. Later on, Maggie’s reasons become clear – the dad put his career first over family. He took a Geneva Job when they live in Canada. BIG DISTANCE.

Charlie goes to do the donor surgery, Maggie wants to do it. The ghost agrees she should do it, Charlie reluctantly accepts. Maggie afterwards cries that she lost her father, getting it out of her system.

Joel and The Botox Queen

Joel goes to have lunch with a former Hope Zion Doctor, Dana. Dana now is in a private firm, where she does allot of tucks, lifts and enlargements.  Joel wants her back, if she wont come back then come back for one surgery.

Plan A, failed. Plan B is at lunch they talk to the chef, he is the patient. She still refuses.

Plan C. Charlie helps out, He says to mention a Doctor Storm, if she knows he is doing it she will step in.  It works, eventually.  She comes in preps, and Joel assists.

The surgery works fine, with Joel and Dana showing good harmony in the operating theatre. Afterwards Dana leaves but at the end of the episode she comes back.  Is she coming back to Hope Zion??



Alex ditches Charlie saying she has something to do, not mentioning what. Alex goes  to help her brother and they have a mini road trip to set him up somewhere with Alex’s money.

Charlie does not know about this so both hold secrets – this cannot be good for their relationship.

Will Dana come back and put her hooks into Joel? – They showed great chemistry in the operating room.

Another great episode.


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