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Store bought coffee is not always what it is cracked up to be. High-end coffee costs around £4.00 for a regular size which doesn’t always represent value for money. How about a coffee which costs £10.50 but makes 6-10 more cups of coffee?

This is where merchants such as “Sea Island Coffee” come in. They claim to provide higher quality than supermarket instant coffee but at a reasonable price. They also have premium products at higher prices, but we found that they have a good selection at either end of the spectrum.

Time to taste a selection from their collection….

A review of Geisha Coffee.

“Geisha, Costa Rica was awarded a star at the Great Taste Awards 2011, due to this delicate profile with quietly complex aromatics that reward patient attention with notes of lavender, cocoa and hints of molasses. The Coffea Diversa plantation where the geisha grows is highly unique as it grows the largest number of different coffee varieties in the world.”  – Overview from their site.

Look –

The beans themselves come in different versions, and the sample given was for a French Press (as shown in the pictures).  If you do not have a French press (also known as a cafetiere), they are very cheap to pick up.  The colour of the coffee in the picture below looks like it is a store bought cup of coffee: it looks great.


photo 3

Smell –

Smelling the beans themselves will keep the average person awake for a week. It smelt lovely and strong and went perfectly as a morning brew.


photo 4

Taste –

Personal preferences meant the review was of a white coffee but the taste was great. In our view it was definitely better than the average instant coffee found in the supermarket.  With a French Press, as long as it’s done properly you should get a cup of coffee which looks, smells and tastes great.

For More Information:

Please visit their website:

At the time of Review – Geisha Coffee – Costs £10.50 – 125g (+£9 to double it)

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