Secrets & Lies


There seems to be a lot of incredible drama coming out of Australia right now and Secrets & Lies is no different, in fact we would wager it is one of the best so far!

SECRETS_LIES_DVD_SL_s10_3DSet in a seemingly quite suburb, first of the six episode show starts as Ben Gundelach (played by Martin Henderson from Off The Map), is running, shouting for help.   Little did he know that a morning run, on the same route he always took, would send his life and that of everyone around him into absolute chaos and turmoil.  Ben had discovered the body of his neighbours five year old son, brutally murdered and then discarded.

Ep 1 - 'I know who did it' Jess bThe discovery will change the lives of so many, ripping Ben and his family apart, effecting every facet of his life and will have a community of previously, outwardly happy neighbours, questioning each other and their motives!

Right from the outset Secrets & Lies is gripping, on the edge of your seat, psychological drama that on the face of it appears like so many others, but it is so much more.  Each episode leaves you questioning what you thought you knew, what you had been told and still with a desperate need to knew who killed poor Thomas.  Each episode uncovers more secrets about the once quiet road, about the Gundelach family and about the people around them, watching their very lives unravel before their eyes as Detective Ian Cornielle (played by Anthony Hayes form The Slap) trie to uncover the nights terrible events and catch a child killer!

Ep 1 - Cornielle investigates scene bSkeletons don’t stay hidden in the closet forever and murder triggers a chain of events that will rock this community and leave you emotionally raw.  It is almost impossible to stop yourself from watching the entire six episodes from start to finish in one go, something the DVD release by RLJ Entertainent, on Monday 3rd November will allow you to do.

Certificate 15
Running Time approx 261 mins 
2 discs
RRP £19.99

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