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For many people, home security is a real concern and trying to find the right solution for you is difficult when there are so many choices out there.  Our new series focuses on security in the home and we will be taking a look at some of the products out there to help you make the most informed choice you can.

Top Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe

It can seem like common sense, to ensure doors are locked or that your windows are secure, but it can be easy to overlook some things.  Therefore, we have put together our top tips for keeping your home safe and secure.

  • Have locks on your exterior windows and doors
  • Install sensor lights at the front and rear of your property
  • Fit an alarm
  • Make sure all sheds and garages are securely locked
  • Don’t leave keys on view
  • Have a safe in your home for important documents
  • Install security cameras inside and out
  • Be aware of people who come to your home, always check ID cards and that people are who they say they are
  • Install Sash Jammers on doors and windows
  • When you move, have new locks installed at your new property
  • Don’t leave keys in locks
  • If you need one, always use a licensed locksmith


One of the best ways to protect your home, is to install internal security, such as a camera system.  These days it is much more affordable and accessible to have a system fitted to the home, in fact right now technology has evolved so much that you can get security cameras that are easy to install yourself and even connect to your smartphone or tablet.

One such system is called Blink.  Blink is a home security system that is a wire free, easy to install, HD video monitoring system.  Unobtrusive, the modern looking Blink cameras do not have unsightly wires leading everywhere as it is completely wire free with the cameras being battery operated, meaning that the Blink systems will look right at home, no matter where you put them.


To use a Blink Security System you will need to have the following:

  • High speed internet connection
  • Wireless network
  • Mobile device – Android or iOS

In The Box

The system itself comes in a range of sizes from one to five camera sets, with additional cameras being available to purchase separately.  We are looking at a two camera system today which includes:

  • 2 Blink cameras
  • 1 sync unit
  • 1 USB cable
  • 2 power adaptors (2 pin and 3 pin plugs)
  • 4 AA Lithium batteries
  • 2 mounting kits

Set Up

blink-kitchen-counterWhen you open up the Blink box and find all of the components neatly packed, it will cross your mind about the difficulty of getting everything set up and being able to use it effectively.  The instruction book is straight forward and easy to understand, although to be honest you don’t really need to worry about the instructions and Blink is so easy and intuitive to set up, you will have the system working in under five minutes.  

It takes three simple steps:

  1. Download the Blink Home Monitor App
  2. Connect the Sync Module
  3. Add your camera/s

Okay so connecting the Sync Module may sound like it would be complicated, but it isn’t.  Connect the USB lead to the Sync Module, place the other end in the plug adaptor and plug in to the mains.

Next connect your phone to the module using WiFi, open the app and follow the on screen instructions.  It takes just a few minutes to have everything connected and your video monitoring system watching your home.  


What makes Blink a good choice for helping to protect your home?  It has a number of smart features:

  • HD video – 720p, full colour, 110 degree field of view
  • temperature sensor
  • Multi-system support
  • microphone
  • mobile application
  • low-light illumination
  • cloud storage
  • schedulling
  • instant on
  • video alerts
  • motion detection
  • Live streaming

The combination of these features makes Blink a rather powerful setup that will not only give you peace of mind, but make home security a breeze to control.  You can set the app with one click to look for motion in your home, whether you’ve gone to bed, or are out.  If motion is detected, Blink will send you a push notification on your phone and you can instantly connect to your cameras at home to see what is going on, or watch a recorded clip of whoever is in your home.  Of course if you want to check what the kids are up to while you’re out, you can always check in with your Blink app!

The video quality is incredibly good and depending on where you place your camera, you can see the entire room.  We love Blink and can not understate just how easy set up and use of the system is.  Peace of mind.

Blink is available online with prices starting at just £129.99 for one camera.


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