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Continuing our security series, today we are sharing with you a home security camera that really excites us.  The Nest Cam IQ is absolutely packed full of incredible features that will leave you assured that your home is well protected when you are away, by checking in on your smartphone and receiving alerts and make you feel much safer when you are at home, whilst knowing that it is connected to the mains it will always be watching.Nest_Cam_IQ_Teardown-598730756The Nest Cam IQ camera is stunning, sleek and modern to look at, no matter where you place it in your house it will sit quite unobtrusively and look right at home.  How it looks isn’t what gets us excited though, whilst it is nice to have a camera that looks and feels comfortable in your home, what this little fellow can do is much more captivating.

Aside from being able to keep watch on your home using the height of technical advancements, Nest Cam IQ employs facial recognition to help you know exactly who is in your home and when.  The  4K sensor and 1080p HD means that the picture quality of live, recorded and saved clips are the beast quality available, crystal clear sharp images.  The camera even zooms in when it spots someone, but still keeps a stream of the full room playing in the corner. 

It doesn’t matter what time of day or night that you are needing your Nest Cam IQ to operate, it can handle bright days and the darkest of nights using Daytime HDR and 940mm infrared LEDs to capture the scene before it evenly.  The infrared LEDs are invisible to the naked eye, so even in the pitch black your camera can operate fully, without illuminating the room.  

All of this technology makes the most powerful aspect of Nest Cam IQ possible, using a powerful 6-core processor, your camera can recognise one person from another.  From the moment you turn it on, Nest Cam IQ will send alerts to your phone to let you know when someone is spotted in the room.  These alerts allow you to check on your smartphone who has been seen and then tell your security system if you know them or don’t.  In turn you get more tailored alerts, telling you if someone you know or someone new has been detected in your home.  

Nest_Cam_IQ_Hero_Image-2416200480Video, with all the activity that has been detected, is stored in the app going back 10 days.  This means if someone breaks into your house, the footage will be stored and from your video history you can then save clips that are important with one tap on the screen.  These clips are then stored in a separate file for easy access later on.

A lovely feature that Nest Cam IQ has is ‘activity areas’.  When using the system, the camera learns about the different people and types of activity that occur in your home.  When Nest Cam IQ detects a door it will send you an alert asking if you would like to set up an activity area that is focused on that spot.  So if people come to your door, things are posted or if the door is opened, Nest will send you an alert to let you know something is happening.  It is so clever! 

As well as everything above you can take security to a whole new level with the powerful speaker and 3-microphone array.  Not only can you see and hear what is happening in your home, but you can talk through the camera.  So whether it is to scare off an intruder or just check up on the kids while you’re out, you can speak through your app and know that whoever is in the room will hear you loud and clear.  It even has noise cancellation and echo suppression included. 

 Finally, everything is securely encrypted with two step authentication, TLS/SSL and AES 128-bit encryption.


To use Nest IQ Cam most effectively, you will need to have the following:

  • Access to a secure WiFi connection
  • Compatible phone or tablet
  • Nest App (free from the app store)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Nest Account (free to create and done during set up)

Nest_Cam_IQ_Tilt_Left_Ring_Glow-3484611192In The Box

Everything you need is included in the box:

  • Nest IQ Camera
  • power cable
  • power adaptor
  • Quick Start Guide

Set Up

 Setting up Nest Cam IQ is extremely simple, you just plug in your camera, download the Nest App and follow the on screen instructions to add your camera.  It’s that easy! 
The Nest Cam IQ is available from Nest for £299.

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