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Continuing our home security series, today we are focusing on internet security.  In this technologically minded day and age, our security online is often something we neglect, but keeping safe online is just as important as keeping safe in the world around us, especially with crimes such as identity theft on the rise.  It is estimated that cyber attacks are now the number one crime in England and Wales, something that threatens not just individuals, but also businesses, costing them in excess of £30 billion!

Yubico are makers of the Yubikey, a specially designed security key for use online.  The key is something that looks much like a little flash drive and it’s job is to protect all of your login details for various sites that we all use daily such as Google, Facebook and other social media platforms.  



How does it work?

Yubikey, as stated above, looks like a mini flash drive, the USB stick employs Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA), but what does that mean?  Simply put, the Yubikey will use both your login details and the physical key to securely login to all of your favourite sites.  By using the key in addition to your normal login process, it means that hackers would find it difficult to be able to obtain your personal information or access to your accounts, even if they had some information to use, they would still need the key itself to be able to access your accounts.

YubiKey4-YubiKey4Nano-1030x674-1-1030x674Set Up

The first thing you will notice when your Yubikey arrives, is that it is just a small USB stick and there are no instructions.  Fear not though, all you need to do is go to and you are very quickly on your way to being protected online.

The device first needs to be registered or paired to your computer.  Then you simply connect and follow the instructions.  It is simple, quick and easy to do.  

For individual services, Facebook for example, there are detailed instructions on Yubico’s website, so you know exactly how to set up your Yubikey:

    • Go to your Security and Login Settings
    • Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Edit
    • Go to Security Keys and click Add Key
    • Follow the on-screen instructionsAdding your key –

Using Your Key

Once set up is complete and you log in to your account, you will be asked to tap your Yubikey, there is a little button on the stick itself and hey presto you are signed in.  Don’t worry though if you haven’t got your key with you, you can use an alternate method such as code generation log in, where a code is sent to your mobile.


Buying a Yubikey


Yubikeys are available from Yubico online and cost as little as £18, making your online security affordable.  


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