Seventh Sword on DVD & Competition


Seventh Sword : Avenging The Throne is released on DVD from 26th January 2015, a medieval fantasy epic that is spectacular.

Starring Andrei Claude (Fedz, Act I) and Joseph Calleja (The Immigrant), Seventh Sword : Avenging The Throne is the directorial début from Raymond Mizzi.  Set in towards the end of the 1300s in Malta, the story focuses around five soldiers who are returning from battle exhausted and in need of food.  As they make their way toward home they come across a fort and decide to make an overnight stop on their journey.

As with any decent fantasy epic a woman can change the fate of these five soldiers as an incredible fight ensues and one that is of truly epic proportions.

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Running Time: 90 minutes

Cert : 18

RRP : £14.99

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  1. Chester in the north of England because of its regional power and wonderful gated walls and black and white half-timber houses.

  2. I would have to check out Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire…just to check up on the real legend of Robin Hood and maybe join up as a Merry Woman 😉

  3. The reign of King Edward IV when the first printing press was produced by Caxton, it’s amazing how far we’ve come, would love to see if the people were awestruck when they first saw this revolutionary item

  4. I would travel back in time to May 30, 1431, Rouen, France and rescue Joan d’Arc from the idiots setting her alight.

  5. london to find more about Sherlock holmes
    as Sherlock holmes is what I like
    To find out who murdered the victim that night
    So many different characters to choose one is so hard
    All we know is the victim was caught off guard
    Perhaps it’s the gardener with his so many tools
    Perhaps it’s the owner with his so many rules
    You never know until it’s the end
    And then you find out it was just his friend

  6. Heather Tinkler on

    London would be tempting but I think I would love to visit the small town where I lived when I grew up. Just to see if anything was there.

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